Latest Feature

Checkout my latest feature collection, called "Birds of the Riverwalk." It illustrates our fine feathered friends taken over my trips to San Antonio over the last seven years (before Covid put a dent in my travels).

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It started in 1995 with a two-week choir tour of Europe. Before that I really hadn't thought much about travel or photography. But I figured it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I purchased a manual 35mm SLR, high quality film, and a couple of good lenses. Then I spent about year practicing before the trip.

I fell in love.

I discovered I not only liked photography, I also like the travel. So pretty much from that time on I've travelled and photographed as I travelled.

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The Great Outdoors

All my life I liked hiking and camping, so outdoor photography was the natural thing to do. I started adding some larger lenses, eventually moved to a digital SLR (it was getting to the point where it would be almost $3 every time I pushed the button with the slide film), and made wildlife and outdoor scenery the bulk of what I photographed.

Easier Travels

Today I don't do as much camping as when I was young, so most of my latest photography is closer to civilization, largely what I can do in a day hike.But I'm still loving it.

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